Natural Treatment For Alcoholism

Treatment for tratamento para alcoolicos comes in many forms, but none of them are necessarily certain to work. Each individual may find a different method of treatment more suitable for them, and so the effectiveness can vary a lot depending on who it is having the treatment.

If you do not want to go through the traditional medical route of treatment then there are alternatives for you which would include things such as the use of several types of herb, and homeopathy.


Not a lot of herbs are linked to the treatment of alcoholism, but although there is no conclusive evidence that is certain, the following are seen as useful in some cases. Any use should be under supervision though as herbs can react to different substances in your body and cause bad and unwanted side effects.

Evening primrose oil is one herb that is linked to a reduction of craving for alcohol. It has an omega 3 fatty acid in it that is also useful for helping with things such as concentration. This can be beneficial to help you focus on staying sober.

Ginseng speeds up metabolic rate and the time it takes for alcohol to pass through the liver. It can actually prevent all of the alcohol that you consume being absorbed, but this is not always true and is generally only the case with Asian ginseng.

Milk thistle is often used to help treat liver damage and can stop this on a wide scale so can be useful for those who drink a lot of alcohol. Dandelion is also good at helping the liver.

Skullcap is the last herb that can be found to be useful and helps reduce anxiety, which may make withdrawal easier for sufferers.

As you can see, a lot of the herbs are useful if you are still drinking, or help to combat the actual damage you have done, but they may not help with easing the addiction itself.


Homeopathic cures can help with easing yourself off from alcohol if you do not want to use actual drugs. 4 treatments are listed below:

Aresenicum Album: This helps with anxiety and fights the compulsive need to drink. Nausea and vomiting can also be helped with this treatment.

Staphysagria: This helps with emotions and will relieve the effect that suppressed emotions have on you, this is beneficial as people often turn to alcohol to forget about painful experiences from the past.

Lachesis: Used specifically for alcoholism, this reduces alcohol cravings and the headaches that often come with withdrawal.

Nux Vomica: Again helping with vomiting nausea and constipation, this treatment helps treat compulsive behaviours and reduce the irritability that comes with detoxing and withdrawal.

Homeopathic remedies are generally available from alternative medicine doctors and herbal stores.

Natural treatments can be used to help fight alcoholism, as seen above, but they are not always that effective and can give better results if combined with another form of therapy. If you are adamant that you do not want to try anything relating to medicine then one thing you could try alongside the above is acupuncture.


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