The vast majority of individual investors and independent investment advisors have had limited or, in many cases the lack basic tools to evaluate the funds. At the same time, most private funds and new crypto funds have no efficient way to source and aggregate commitments from the retail market.


Our Solution

AxessPE provides investors with access to private equity information , including new funds and funds that typically have multi-million dollar minimums. Using AI technology, the investors can now have ability to analyze the fund's portofolio performance perspective, compare against relevant benchmarks, industry trends and events.


Benefits for PE

For alternative asset managers, AxessPE offers a turn-key solution to reach through a single source the largely untapped retail market that represents a pool of capital for the alternative investments industry. Our platform enables general partners to efficiently reach all of these investors without being subjected to the repetitive due diligence and travel.


AxessPE is a financial technology platform that simplifies access to alternative investments information, such as private equity and crypto funds, for investors and financial advisors.