Five Elements

Ether Ether is known in Sanskrit as akasha, from the root kas, which means ‘to radiate’. Ether’s predominant quality is its ability to convey energy without resistance. Take sound waves as an example: by virtue of ether, sound waves are able to expand and resonate so that we can hear them. Molecules and atoms need … (541) 761-3519

Relaxation and concentration, keys to meditation.

Someone in deep meditation seems similar to one who is asleep: body completely relaxed, senses shut down. Other parts, however, are aglow: Energy has been completely withdrawn into the spine and forepart of the brain. A master of yoga could consciously bring all his energy into a laser-like focus which energizes the spiritual eye, uplifts … 3869005572

Sex: Sacred or Sinful?

It’s Neither by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. So, why are all the desirable things in life either immoral, illegal or fattening? Young people often ask the question or think about it. Let’s look at the first word: ‘Immoral’. Much of the time, people are alluding to sex when they use the word. Sex is a subject on … Read moreSex: Sacred or Sinful?

How To Compensate For Misdeeds Done.

The soul’s response to the wrong action comes of its own force, unbidden when the person is a free soul, not bound by many materialistic duties—even while doing selfless service – which can temporarily veil and hold back the spontaneous actions of the soul if done for the expectant praise that may follow. The held-back, … Read moreHow To Compensate For Misdeeds Done.