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Workplace design, just like the workplace itself, is continually changing. Considering the dynamics of how people work, the diversity in generational workforces, ergonomics, sustainability, green building mandates, and the other complexities associated with interiors of today, you need to stay current with the emerging products and processes in order to provide the best solutions.

As a full-service dealership, we offer a wide range of products and services to support each customer’s unique requirements.  Our knowledge and expertise can guide you towards practical solutions that translate to beautiful and productive spaces.

Whether you are equipping a multi-story major headquarters office building, establishing a medical center, setting up an entrepreneurial enterprise or just need to add to an existing facility, our professional response is tailored to your individual project.  From the boardroom to the patient room, from the reception/waiting area to the break room/cafe, from the administrative office to the behind the scenes storage or filing rooms, we provide solutions.

We can assist you in all phases of your interiors projects, from the initial analysis, through planning and design, budget development, order entry, project management, delivery/installation, and ongoing facility maintenance.  After project completion, moves, adds, and changes are almost a given in today’s dynamic business environments. The real test of a quality service provider, in our industry, is how well they respond to the customer’s needs on a day-to-day basis.  Contract Resource Group is a responsive and effective ongoing service partner, helping you to maximize the return on the investment you have made in your facilities.  The pursuit of long-term satisfied customers has always been the passion that drives us.

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