Image of Stephany directing Laura Carter in “Agnes of God”

What People Are Saying

"Stephany Hitchcock is the reason that I started acting and the driving force behind the success I’ve experienced. When I was ten years old I entered myself into an acting contest in Los Angeles and worked tirelessly perfecting my monologue with Stephany. Her knowledge and commitment to me and my success is the reason I ended up winning first place at said competition! Over the years, Stephany has been there to help me prepare for auditions and even advised me while I was working as a guest star on Law and Order : SVU. If you are serious about acting and are looking for a coach who will do everything in her power to help you find success, Stephany Hitchcock is your teacher. I love her endlessly and am forever grateful for her knowledge and kindness." - Hana Hayes, TV, Film Actress
"Her expertise at breaking down a script and understanding the characters, has helped me immensely throughout my continued study of this amazing art form." - Kerri Evans, (MFA) Actors Studio at Pace University
"Stephany is an outstanding director and mentor. I worked with her in three of the many productions she directed for Rhinebeck Theater. She has a unique and effective technique for creating characters and keeping performances honest and fresh. She has a great working knowledge of the industry as well, and she helped me immensely while I got started auditioning in New York City. I don't know what I would have done without Stephany. She was one of the biggest influences of my life as a young actress." - Laura Carter Epstein
In 2011 my daughter was driven to pursue a career in acting. I knew nothing about the entertainment business, the only thing I knew as a professional was “be prepared”. I sought out training options and contacted acting coach Stephany Hitchcock. One session made a huge difference. Her work transformed Hana’s understanding of truthful acting, and her confidence soared. She felt the monologue making sense. From there, my daughters career was launched, and she now has an impressive resume. I have learned that the best agencies will send young actors to casting directors prior to offering a contract. They must know what to do in the “room”. The technique, knowledge and wisdom that Stephany imparts is a gift to her students. With so many acting coaches and classes to choose from, it can be confusing. My daughter has gone to many in LA and the Meisner method has been the most affective. Stephany has trained under Fred Kareman, who trained with Sandy Meisner and learned the training first hand. Finally, a parent is not a coach, a manager or an agent. (Disaster) Have fun! It’s a crazy ride and being well trained is definitely worth the investment. Stephany is the best! - Sandy Hatch, Architect


Bring me what you have, and we will get you into shape!

Work On:

  • Audition Technique
  • Script Work
  • Monlogues
  • Scenes
  • Publice Speaking
  • Drama School Auditions

Sometimes a private session, in person, (Upper West Side, NYC), or by phone or internet, (Facetime or Skype), is just the right way to work on a monologue, speech, or to prepare for an audition. My private sessions can be equally useful to actors, directors and/or writers.

Preparing for an Audition?

I can show you how to Audition like a Pro!

Even seasoned professionals get nervous before an audition, but the secret to doing your best is being prepared. Even when auditioning cold, I can teach you a step by step method for breaking down a script so that you can give a truthful, and therefore believable audition on the spot. You will learn what casting directors are looking for, and how to find the specificity in your acting.


Will start in the Fall - Oct. 4, 2018

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4 Classes per month
8-12 Students
Thursday Evenings, 7PM-10PM
Ages 13 and up
$280 per month

Class structure revolves around scene work. Students MUST come to the first class prepared with their own material— please bring 2 copies of your acting “sides”: one for you and one for a scene partner.

I will show you how to introduce yourself to the script for the very first time, and how to read it for usable information that will give truth and clarity to your acting. This is achieved by working on script interpretation, character analysis and learning emotional preparation. I will show you how to allow yourself the freedom to make choices justified by the text, and how to break the scene down into workable components- finding your first moment, beats and relationships, intentions and more.

Scenes can be found on the "scenes tab", but you may also bring in any scene of your choosing, 3-6 pages. I also encourage you to bring in scenes from any plays you feel you would be right for.

Students will choose a scene partner to read with when arriving at the first class. Each student will work on the material they bring in, and may also be asked to work on a scene another student has brought in. This way, you will get to experience "reading cold", and learn how to quickly break down a text, and learn how to find clues to your character in a script- even if you only have 2 pages!

As class continues from week to week, we will choose a scene together for you to work on that will lead you to a deeper understanding of how to approach your work and create a truthful performance. You will be able to delve deeper into the text and action of your scene in a safe space where you can take risks, play and grow.

  • Scenes are explored for clarity of events, individual objectives, beats and intentions, and relationships.
  • An emphasis is placed on the given circumstances, character behavior and choices, moment to moment listening, sending your idea to your scene partner, and emotional life.
  • Learn to increase relaxation and concentration
  • Develop your technique to open up your instrument and imagination.
  • Personal, thorough and supportive critiques are given about each individual’s work.
  • Exercises are used to help actors dive into a character’s physical and emotional life

About Stephany

I grew up in NYC, and have over 30 years of experience in theater, film, industrial, TV and musical theater. At age 16, I got my start in the" business when I booked my first commercial. I went on to be a professional Jazz dancer, working with Betsy Haug and Ron Lewis. I eventually started my own theater company, “Up in One Productions,” which is still ongoing today. I have produced/directed many showcases, industrials, music videos, and plays, and I also co-wrote, produced and acted in a two-woman sketch comedy show, “Calls of The Wild,” with my writing partner, Diana Stevens.

I am proud to have studied with many of the great Theater teachers of our time, including, Larry Moss, Fred Kareman, (Meisner technique), Tim Phillips, Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, David Craig and others. I love sharing what I have learned with others to help deepen their understanding of the craft, and to see them get excited about doing the work it takes to be an actor.


Hana HayesOne of my most recent students is Hana Hayes, who in 2015/2016 starred in the Fox comedy series THE GRINDER opposite Rob Lowe and Fred Savage. Her guest star credits include: CRIMINAL MINDS, LAW & ORDER: SVU, S.W.A.T and GREYS ANATOMY in addition to feature film roles.

Hana in Grinder

Opposite Rob Lowe and Fred Savage



1st Time Student
Session Price
30 Minute $35.00
60 Minute $70.00
Regular Fee
Session Price
30 Minute $50.00
60 Minute $100.00


Session Price
4 Classes $280.00

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