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Why use Smokehalt Draft Curtains?

A properly designed smoke ventilation system will balance make up air, venting and smoke reservoirs creating significant opportunity for cost savings on your project. These savings can be up to 50%. Sometimes building geometry plays havoc with the ideal design – but that’s where the Smokehalt draft curtains provide further benefit. The Smokehalt draft curtain is the code compliant, lightweight, flexible barrier system that can fit anywhere. It can be turned around corners, installed around services and does not require any additional structural support for traditional building construction. We can manufacture the Smokehalt smoke curtain in modules for simple attachment on site or for more difficult sites, the system can be easily cut and attached on site to suit specific obstacles – or why not a combination of both ! Heat generated from fires in some building types can be excessive. This heat typically attacks the building structure resulting in collapse, and ultimately business interruption and potential loss of life. A sturdy smoke exhaust/ventilation system can significantly reduce the likelihood of these occurrences, reducing risk.

What are Draft Curtains?

Draft curtains are used to create smoke reservoirs in buildings, directing smoke towards smoke vents or smoke exhaust fans.  Smoke reservoirs help to maintain buoyancy of the smoke, significantly improving the efficiency of natural and mechanical smoke ventilation systems whilst keeping areas below relatively clear for occupant egress and fire fighter search and rescue.

Draft Curtains (also known as smoke baffles) also work to help with the efficiency of dual purpose smoke and natural/mechanical ventilation systems.

Engineered Solutions

Performance Based Solutions can utilise Smokehalt draft curtains in a myriad of ways. They are suitable for use in buildings with and without sprinklers and classified as low hazard or extreme hazard. If you require a specific performance level, or would like to discuss the possibilities for your project, please do not hesitate to contact our technical services department.

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Email: technical@draft-curtains.com

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