Peter Makadi
junior full-stack developer
curriculum vitae
Ramat Gan
+972 52 6970 181
Hungarian (native)
English (business-level)
Hebrew (intermediate)
About me
I am a graduate of the Coding Bootcamp at Elevation Academy with experience in the media acquisition area. during the course I have created several web apps using the MEAN Stack, React, customized various API's to serve data to apps, learned about working with MongoDB and mySQL databases. I really enjoy it and from day to day I am getting more excited about learning new things.
Now I'm looking for a position as a junior full stack developer and to challenge myself more.
I have made Aliyah in 2014 after spending a year on the Caribbean sea. I volunteered in a lifesaving unit in Sderot during the latest Gaza operation, later served in the IDF as a lone soldier. Originally I am a photographer, but I fell in love with web development, so I attended a three months long course to learn the essentials. In my free time I love to watch and play sports, read, cook or build furniture for myself.

B2C Print

full stack dev + support


As a full-stack developer, working on numerous applications of our company including online webshops with printing designer plugins and a Wix-plugin called Art Store. The role is 50% about customer support and I really enjoy this part, too.

G Tech

customer support


I worked in a medium-sized team that provided Email Customer Support all around the world. I really liked this position as it was intense and never monotone


customer support


I really like with people so the Customer Support position was really a good fit for me.


head of photo department


Started as an intern in 2009, in a few years I earned to be the leader of the photo department, my responsibility was to make sure the photos are produced and prepared for the monthly 120-pager magazine.

picengo is a social platform what can solve the major mutual problem of photographers and their customers - to be able to find each other. This platform uses react, mySQL, node and many other technologies. It was a team effort on a hackathon, I came up with the idea and lead my team as project manager, also doing the design and the front-end. It is not yet online, but I can show you when you call me for an interview. :)
English football app
It’s connected to MongoDB collection of all english league matches from 1888 and calculates a live table for any season selected (with option to click on any team on the table to remove their results from the table), also compares two teams in selected time range or generates a team sheet for any team clicked on top - individual hackathon project.

Elevation Academy

coding bootcamp


I started the course with knowledge in html and CSS. During the 12 weeks bootcamp I have learned about jQuery, angularJs, reactJs, node, express, mongoDB, mySQL, LASS and so on..

University of Edinburgh

Intro to Marketing


Learned about marketing and advertising essentials from the professor and also from successful local businesses in Edinburgh

Duke University

sports and society


As a sport loving person it was very interesting to learn about the connection between sports and society from the aspects of marketing, politics, economy and press especially in today's world where the marketing of sports became bigger than the sports themselves.

Hunyadi Matyas KSZKI

High School


I had the privilige to study in one of the best high schools in the area with specializations on IT and Economics.

Other things I'm proud of
Israel Aid Mission
Jul 2014 – Jul 2014
I have volunteered in a lifesaving paramedic unit during "Operation Protective Edge" near the border of Gaza. We have helped people who's house got hit by a rocket, we were the first unit to arrive to the scene, way before the ambulance.
Supervisory Board Member
CHOMA Foundation
Aug 2016 - present
Choma Foundation is a non-profit organisation which helps Hungarian new immigrants in Israel. As a Supervisor I participate in the board meetings and make sure the money goes to the people who need it.
Bronze Medal
Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique
I have won two bronze medals in Hanoi, Vietnam with this photo.
VOKE Cultural Center - 2010
My first photography exhibition attracted over a thousand visitors.
Museum - 2013
The second exhibition was combined with a picture sale, 100% revenue was sent to charity.
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