email checker

Make your mailing list bounce-free & verify emails on a fly to create a better sign-up experience

Get rid of low-quality emails in your email list

The main issue is that invalid, dead, or non-existent emails bounce back after the failure to deliver a message

It damages your reputation, reputation decreases open rates and wastes your money.

Upload your list to validate with SEYM.PRO and decrease your bounce rate by 91%. We will verify every email address you have.

Single Email Validation

SEYM verifies emails on a fly so you can seamlessly use it with your product or literally any platform you develop. Use our API, Webhooks, or web app to check single emails in real-time.

Use cases:

  • Contact forms.
  • Lead-magnet forms and landing pages.
  • Registration forms.
  • Android and Apple apps.
  • CRM systems.

Stop fraud Email Validator fights intentional bulk account signups, as a result your webserver never gets "clogged" with massive abusive requests.

Accuracy matters

SEYM will let you know whether email list needs to be cleaned so you can focus on people who respond.

High Speed

Use our super-quick API for web-form email sign-ups or upload thousands of emails and get them cleaned in a matter of minutes. No matter how large your email list is, we will validate it within a reasonable time frame.

Recipient Validation

Seym will ensure your people enter correct email address into sign up forms.

Correct Human Errors

We help avoid user errors and typos with any web form where you request email addresses.

How do i export valid emails?

You will have three options:

  • Export all prospects and emails;
  • Export valid emails and those with uncertain status (do not export invalid emails). We will still export prospects where emails were marked as invalid, but invalid emails will not be exported;
  • Export valid emails only (green marker)

How we do it

  • We ensure domains are responsive through DNS and MX Validation.
  • SEYM will automatically delete duplicate emails and emails with typos.
  • We go through SMTP checks to check if recipient is still valid or non-existent.
  • SEYM will automatically delete duplicate emails and emails with typos.

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