July 4, 2018 By Creighton

Zoi Cvitkovic ist bei der Abnehmsendung „The Biggest Loser“ ausgeschieden, aber trotzdem rundum zufrieden. Denn sie hat es geschafft, auch daheim dranzubleiben. Wieviel sie insgesamt abgenommen hat, darf sie noch nicht sagen – dafür hat sie uns ein paar Abnehm-Tipps verraten. Noch darf Zoi Cvitkovic nichts verraten. Erst am 2. April, beim Finale der Fernsehshow

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Define Yourself

May 3, 2018 By Creighton

You love lifting. You love the plain challenge and the simple rewards—beating your previous best and feeling a great pump afterward. And maybe you hate cardio. Devoting gym time to cardiovascular exercise feels as if you’re burning away hard-earned muscle. But you’re not—you’re revealing it. If gaining mass is all you focus on, soon no

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Define Yourself

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April 30, 2018 By 202-673-3025

All the moves you need to harness the power of hand-held free weight exercises. Getting a new body doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re aiming for rapid fat loss, bulging muscles or cardiovascular fitness, a pair of dumbbells will tick the box – providing you use them correctly. Yes, curls might get the girls, but increasing your dumbbell

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April 16, 2018 By 6025539825

Starting a stretch routine allows you to reap all the benefits that stretching has to offer. Stretching exercisesshould be performed in a comfortable area with no distractions, so that you can focus on reaching your full potential. Wear clothes that are light and that do not restrict your movement. Warm up before you stretch. A good

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Starting a Stretch Routine for Beginners

I Wish Someone Had Told Me These 5 Tips Before ...

April 1, 2018 By 204-614-8277

When I first started lifting weights a couple years ago, I would’ve laughed if you told me it was about to become my favorite form of exercise. I had always associated weightlifting with big, bulky dudes who were so inflexible they couldn’t touch their toes, but I quickly learned how rewarding (and fun) it was, no matter

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The Best Dumbbell Exercises For All Levels Of G...

March 24, 2018 By 7072549336

Beef up your whole body with these beginner, intermediate and advanced dumbbell exercises Dumbbells are the most accessible free weights so they’re the first most people tend to try, either in the gym or as part of a home workout. They’re also among the most versatile weights you can use, and even if you usually gravitate

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March 12, 2018 By Creighton

Stretching is an often-overlooked component of physical fitness that can help you perform better while exercising, reduce stress, prevent injury and improve flexibility. Stretching can help loosen up your muscles before and after you work out, as well as ease muscle tension and soreness. If you are a beginner, 10 stretches can work your major

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March 7, 2018 By 337-379-1234

Strength is the foundation of everyday acts of athleticism (like hitting a 300-yard drive in golf) and not-so-human feats (like J.J. Watt’s 5’1″ box jump). Strength isn’t limited to muscle size and capacity. When you get stronger, you’re better able to lose weight, run faster, and hit harder. Convinced you need to work on your strength? We’ve got 10 no-frills tips

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10 Strength-building Strategies That Will Never Die
The Best Two-dumbbell Workout


February 21, 2018 By Creighton

Whether you’re visiting relatives or in a hotel with an underwhelming “fitness center,” there may come a time when all you have access to is a measly pair of dumbbells or kettlebells. Not a problem, now that you have this routine. How it works In this situation, the load you have will be more appropriate for some exercises than others. To see that you get the most

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February 19, 2018 By Creighton

As anyone who’s ever injured themselves knows, there’s far more to exercise than putting one foot in front of the other. Yet, when new research commissioned by Hayward Baker showed that 45% of Brits have suffered a ‘gymjury’ — their jargon, not ours — it seemed the message still wasn’t getting across.  Inevitably, there are