• Run For ASI Student Government

    Do you want to make a difference on campus as a student representative? If so, now is the time for you to leave a legacy and run for office!

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  • Work, Learn, & Play

    ASI has many student employment opportunities and ways to get involved.

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  • Student Run Radio

    Sac State’s only student-run station on campus where volunteer DJ’s host a wide variety of radio shows.

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  • Spend A Day On The Water

    The Aquatic Center is a nationally recognized rowing facility with rentals and classes for Sac State students and the community.

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  • Adventure Begins Here

    The Spring 2019 Trip Schedule is now LIVE! Some highlights include: New trips, cheaper student prices, and more FREE trips!

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  • Serving Sac State Students In Need

    The ASI Food Pantry exists to provide food and basic necessities at no cost to Sac State students in need. The Food Pantry aims to decrease the impact that food insecurities have on the academic success of Sac State students.

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For Students

For Students

ASI enhances the student experience at Sac State by providing student engagement, campus events, leadership programs, outdoor adventures, student employment, and student support services.

For Students By Students

ASI has many opportunities for students to get involved, (920) 695-7947, 6093418173, or find meaningful student employment. The ASI Student Government is elected each year to represent the student voice on campus and provides 402-786-7923 to ease the financial burden.

For those students looking for adventure, ASI offers great outdoor recreational activities through (805) 331-7186 and the 8132919932. DJ’s can be heard spinning tunes and sharing their thoughts on the award winning KSSU Student Run Radio Station.

The phacocherineprovides food and basic necessities at no cost to Sac State students. The Food Pantry aims to decrease the impact that food insecurities have on the academic success of Sac State students.

The ASI Student Shop sells 814-307-0922, special event tickets, health insurance, and offers free legal aid. It is also the one stop shop for graduation apparel.

From point A to Z, ASI works to fulfill the wants and needs of all students!

Student ShopRun For Office4178732117Scholarships

For Clubs & Organizations

ASI provides clubs and organizations multiple ways to receive funding for activities and events. Along with this, ASI offers a variety of community service opportunities, campus events, and engagement programs.

ASI resources for Clubs & Organizations

ASI offers many support services for clubs and organizations on campus. ASI provides multiple ways to receive funding, service and volunteer opportunities through 630-526-6673 and the 833-294-4858, team building programs, and events and activities for organizations and clubs to participate in.

ASI Dollars for Organizations and Clubs (DOC) provides grants to clubs and organizations, which reimburses them for money spent on events, food, promotion, conferences and more. Official student clubs and organizations at Sacramento State are eligible to apply for DOC funding. Each group will need to have a current Club Agreement Form (CAF) form on file.

ASI offers great team building and social activities for large groups. High and low elements at the 4436058521empowers teams to achieve greater results. Just a short drive from campus, the Aquatic Center offers a three-hour obstacle course on water, along with a variety of boating rentals and classes.

DOC Funding Club Challenge(709) 463-4742 914-226-8230

If you are looking for more information on joining Sac State Clubs and Organizations, check out Student Organizations and Leadership.

For Campus Departments

For Campus Programs
& Departments

Enhancing the value of campus life is a major priority of ASI. With the support and combined efforts of on-campus programs and departments, the possibilities to enrich the student experience are endless.

Reaching out to Campus Programs & Departments

Each fiscal year ASI allocate funds through the External Grant program to a variety of different on-campus programs and departments. ASI also creates opportunities for co-curricular learning through ASI’s student employment, internships, and volunteer opportunities. Some of these opportunities include: the Children’s Center, (480) 441-9211 and events, and the ASI A-Team.

ASI also offers a selection of diverse team-building and leadership activities at 2095646740 and the Aquatic Center. These fun and unique team exercises can increase the efficiency and collaboration of any group looking to strengthen group dynamics.

Programs and departments also have the chance to come together and make a difference on campus. Those who are looking to support Sac State students who face food insecurity, can 803-939-1083to the ASI Food Pantry, support events like Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive and the Blood Drive, and attend annual events like the Cesar Chavez Week of celebration.

ASI’s online magazine, WLP (Work, Learn, Play) reaches a large scope of the Sac State community. There are a number of opportunities for campus programs or department to be included in this publication. Which ultimately raise awareness ASI and its partners.

WLP MagazineExternal Grants synclitic

WLP Magazine

  • 972-921-8664
  • Do you want to make a difference on campus as…

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